Pinterest, cool huh?

Pinterest, if you have been under a rock the last 4 years, it’s an amazing tool for architects and designers, house wives, graphic designers, pretty much anyone. Everything from kitchen, exterior screens, floor plans, interior finishes, recipes, work from all around the world in one portal, its online scrap booking. It allows you to “pin” images to “boards” effectively saving them for future reference.

I really believe it has changed the way I initially interact with my clients. I have always had clients bring in images they like, but never had opportunity to mutually collate and give advice at this early stage. Before i meet with my clients, i set up a common board which we can both pin to to collaborate a direction in a style we can build from.

My clients and I then pin materials, finishes, layout ideas, roofs, window ideas, allowing us to mutually “scrap book” removing pins (ideas) that may not work in application, and discussing the pros and cons from a design, construction, cost, and ultimately function view point. Giving my clients a clearer understanding of the methods of great design.

Doing this we can quickly establish a direction without designing & re-designing. I put a huge emphasis on spending a few hours a week looking at new design styles, which allows me to stay up to-date with modern international design which i can hopefully push the boundaries for your next home. Follow me here I am about to crack 25,000 pins.